Sometimes the truth hurts. Sometimes the truth uncovers things we wish were just left alone.

My son Owen?s dog Winston, he is a good doggie and a good friend!

It seems like there?s less and less truth in the world. I don?t know if I?m just getting older, wiser, more skeptical, and a bit more jaded, or if the world itself if changing, but I see it for sure.

Less truth, more spin. Less honesty, more manipulation.

True friendship is becoming a thing of the past, today?s relationships are more often than not made up of an ?I?m your friend as long as it?s beneficial to me? kind of attitude.

A real friend and a true friendship is and will always be built on truth. Sometimes ?truth? means sharing what needs to be heard, not just what ?wants? to be heard.

It?s hard to know the difference. So many have become masters at pretending, at emulating friendship, then one day you discover the truth. One day something happens, the friendship is ?tested, ? and truth wins. You?ll discover that manipulative self-interests are the driving force, NOT true compassion and honest friendship.


Why, because it?s hard, that?s why. Friendship, REAL friendship, is hard. It takes time, investment, sacrifice, and loyalty. These are not things of today?s culture. It?s not sexy. It?s just not. We see this evidenced everywhere. As far as I know, there is only one major motion picture about friendship, in all the thousands of huge box office movies, about war, sex, space, history, drama, there?s only one about friendship. The Lord of the Rings, (which BTW is one of the best books ever written IMO).

Why is that? Friendship is just not sexy; it just doesn?t sell like all the other stuff.?

Does friendship even matter? Is it even important anymore?

It?s more important now than ever.?

As the world spins out of control with fake everything (friendships, companies, motives, news) fake fake fake, we need to know who we can trust. We need to know who?s got our backs. We need to feel confident in the friend that is stronger than a brother.

Building this kind of friendship is hard, you?ll probably get hurt eventually, you?ll be discouraged and feel you can?t trust anyone, but you can, and you should, and it?s worth it.

Find them, invest in them, care about them, and always make sure your friendships are built on the solid foundation of truth.

Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:

The eyes of a friend reveal truth.
My sons dog Winston, he is a very loyal friend indeed!
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