Some days are dark, very dark.

Lovely view of Mt. Shasta California on a road trip with my kids.

Cold, wet, miserable, just downright crappy in every way. Some days are even worse than that: discouraging, depressing, claustrophobic.

It?s hard. Life itself is hard, just existing on this earth, trying to make ends meet, and survive is hard. If you add to that trying to start or run a business, write a book, invent that new thing, it becomes almost unbearably hard.

It?s still worth it.?

As someone who has struggled a lot, someone that has had great successes, and incredible failures, I can tell you it?s worth it.

I can also tell you that you?ll have days that are worse than what you already think are terrible days. There will be failures you?ll forever feel foolish for letting happen. There will be disasters that had nothing to do with your decisions, model, or product but are just simply part of life.

It?s still worth it.

It?s worth it because nothing worthwhile was ever easy. Nothing that ?needed to be done? was a walk in the park. To do amazing things, start amazing companies, invent amazing stuff, you HAVE to put in the work, the sweat, the tears, the struggle, and I?m telling you right now, it won?t always work, in fact, MOST of the time it won?t work.

It?s still worth it.?

I believe each and every person was made for a reason. Each one of us is unique and special in a way where we have something to contribute to the world. That doesn?t mean we all need to solve world hunger or cure cancer, but it does mean we aren?t just random chance and have no value.

We ALL have value and something purposeful to do.

So again, it?s going to suck sometimes but?

It?s still worth it.?

Even when you feel it?s impossible.
Even when you’re confident you?ll not succeed.
Even when you fall FLAT on your face and eat the dirt.
Even when everyone around you tells you how foolish you are?

It?s still worth it, the journey is worth it.?


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:

The journey is worth it, even when it feels dark and unobtainable.
Mt. Shasta in Northern California
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