Kids are amazing. They have so much wonder and anticipation over even the simplest things.

My two oldest kids on a backpacking trip a few years ago.

Nothing has yet corrupted their curiosity and stifled their belief in what?s possible. No one has told them to stop dreaming and be more realistic, or if they are hearing it, at least they haven?t bought into that mantra just yet.

When you’re 6 or 8 or 10 you believe anything is possible; you think that if you decide to become an astronaut, then you will be flying in space when you’re older. You believe if you want to be president of the united states, a policeman or fireman, or a race car driver, you WILL be doing those things in no time at all.

What happens to that curious anticipation?

Somewhere around the 13 ? 15-year-old range something clicks in the minds of our youth. A sick realization sets in, and washes over them and begin to realize the world around them is not at all what they thought it was, and not at all genuinely concerned with their well-being or whether or not they will ever ?achieve their dreams.?

Then they hit high school and college, and then life. Real life. It usually hits you in the gut so hard you aren?t sure what day it is, all your dreams of flying in space are long gone as you realize the fancy degree you just went into 80K of debt for isn’t? even worth all that much.

Why do we let this happen? Why do we let our dreamers dreams get smothered by the grumpy old crabs all around us?

What would happen if we kept our dreams, worked our dreams, sought after our dreams, and no one was around to tell us we didn?t have a shot, that there was no way.

You know what would happen? Some of us would reach those dreams. Some of us would hit the goals we set before ourselves. Some of us would keep on fighting until we made it.

Why don?t you dig up those dreams again? What?s holding you back? What?s the worse that could happen if you gave it another shot? Oh you?d fail and not reach your dreams, well here?s the news flash bubba, you?re not gonna reach them anyway, so you’re out nothing, except for some hard work, and you know what, everyone is always better for the hard work they put into something.

So, the potential outcome on the upside: you actually reach those dreams and do something amazing that you had written off long ago as ?not reasonable. The potential outcome on the downside, you don?t reach the goal and achieve your dream, but you learn a TON in the process, you never just wonder what if you tried, and you’re a wiser person for it.

Seriously, what do you have to lose, overcome that fear, get off your a$$ and start working for that dream.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:

The joy of curious anticipation.

@elyse_cinnamint and Owen a few years back on a family backpacking trip. Anticipating amazing things can be a powerful motivator.

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