You?ll never know.

?Mercedes (7) doesn’t yet know how to “be realistic” she only knows how to dream big and try hard. It’s my job to make sure she stays that way.

You?ll never know unless you?re ok taking the risk.
>> unless you?re willing to fail.
>> unless you?re down with looking foolish.
>> unless you?re ok with losing friends, and making enemies.
>> unless you?re prepared for the long hard road with pitfalls, problems, troubles, discouragement, and difficult decisions.

You?ll never know.

It?s safer just to stay home, chill, watch some Netflix, and NOT find out.

Then again, if everyone took that path, the easy path, the common path, there would be no Netflix for you to sit home and watch. There would be no iPhone to text your friend, no telephone to even call on. No airplane to fly on for that vacation, no art to visit in the museum, no medication to take when you?re sick.

You might not do anything great, you might not make the difference you?re dreaming of, then again, you might.

You freaking just might.

I believe we are each called to make an impact in this world. We are ALL called to push ourselves beyond our comfort zones, WELL beyond our comfort zones to do something beyond what we feel might even be possible.

Does that mean that you?re gonna find the cure for cancer, fly to Mars, or start the next ‘billion dollar’ company?
Of course not, but each one of us can do, in our own way, amazing things.

We?re all connected in a vast web of relationships, perspective, impact, and influence. There is no way to know that you?re big and or small actions will impact those around you, who might impact those around them, who might actually find the cure for cancer.

Yea, I know, I know, I’m rambling on with a bit of fuzzy motivational speak, yes, but it?s also freaking true.

Yep, it?s actually true.

Think of the person in history that has made the most positive impact in our world, or created the most fantastic company or invented the most important new technology.

Whoever popped into your mind, that person, DID have people around them teaching them, influencing them, helping them?

YOU might just be the next Michelangelo, or you might be the influential person in ‘Michelangelo’s’ life that caused him to take the path in life he took.

Either way, you?re not gonna make it happen sitting on your ass watching cat videos on YouTube or playing Call of Duty.

Maybe it?s your ‘duty to find your calling.’

It?s time to take action, yea; I?m pretty sure it is. We both know it.

So what are you waiting for? Today is the right time to start, not tomorrow, not when you feel a bit better, after this or that event, when school gets out, or you have more time.


I might be wrong, maybe you literally have nothing to offer this world, I suppose that?s possible… but you and I both know that?s a load of crap.

However, the only way you?ll know is by taking the risk and putting in the effort.

Go do it.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:

The only way you’ll know is by taking the risk and putting in the effort

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