Um, yea, some days the path onward is steep, rocky, treacherous, and downright nasty.

Smith Rock Sate park, in Central Oregon.

It?s days like these we can sometimes forget why we?re even on this journey in the first place. Why do we try so hard, why do we work so hard? Why do we push ourselves beyond what?s reasonable, beyond what would expect of someone else?

It?s the view from the top right? It?s knowing that we’re on a journey partly for the sake of the journey, but also for the destination.

We struggle up the hills and trails of life because we know it?s the only way to reach the destination. It?s the only way to arrive where we want to really go.

That truth does not technically in any way make the journey any easier mentally or physically, but for some strange reason, it always helps.

It helps a LOT.?

You have to remember why you started; you have to remember the purpose of the journey in the first place. You must always keep in mind the reality and truth of where you are, but never forget where you’ll be someday.

You can?t give up when it?s most difficult. Those difficult times are part of the reason why the view from the top is so sweet. If you could just drive the to the top you would miss all the context of the journey of getting there. That journey ?colors? the experience of the end goal and makes it complete.

It?s an odd truth, but it?s true regardless. The struggle of the journey will always sweeten the end, and it should be that way. Shortcuts feel like they help, but they never do.

So then? Head down, mind focused, eyes on the goal. Time to get up that hill and reach the top. Trust me, the view is amazing.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:

The struggle of steep trails add that much more beauty to breathtaking views from the summit.

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