Too often we don’t listen for the truth, we listen for what we want to hear.

We look for cheap substitutes and hollow promises.

The sun is slipping away in a snow covered Central Oregon!

For some reason we prefer fake over genuine, we prefer the lies over the truth.

Sometimes it’s because the truth can be dark cold and heartless, but often it’s simply because the lies are so much easier.

The sad reality is that we often sacrifice the truth and replace it with weak, easy lies that fit with our predefined view of reality. We like what fits nicely in our dark echo chambers.

Fake news is shouted from every corner of social media.
Fake facts permeate the internet and even some history books.
Fake images on magazine covers overwhelm our grocery checkouts.
Even fake compliments grace our greetings to one another.

Lies are just so darn easy.?

But they are lies. LIES. Don’t you want the truth, even it if hurts, the real truth, the reality of what actually is vs. a made up substitute?

It’s out there, truth is. It’s out there, and it needs to be found, it needs to be sought out, you can hear it if you’re actually listening for it.

Seeking the truth requires strength, courage, and the willingness to see some of the uglier side of things, but it’s always worth it.

It’s always better to know the reality of truth over the falsity of the “fake” world we live in. Sometimes it’s not pretty, it can be ugly, so make sure you’re ready, take a deep breath, and listen carefully for the truth.

You’ll hear it, and you’ll be glad you did.?


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:

The truth is always there, if you’re listening.

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