Both are earned through the difficult road of perseverance, the destination of which becomes peace.

Doctor, is there any way you could give me a pill for that, please? I would love just to get a pill to take care of my:

My previous bad decisions

Is there any way you can just give me something to take the problem away? Make me healthy, make me skinny, make me successful?

We all wish, but you know what, no. It doesn?t work that way; it just doesn?t.

The only way to truly achieve is to work, to put in the time, to invest the hard fought battles that return rewards.

There are no shortcuts to wisdom and experience. There are only long hard roads, full of mishap, disaster, trials, and struggle.

So what?s the point, does it really matter.?

Heck YES of course it does. It matters a lot. Going through the difficult times in life is a great gift. It?s a hard one for sure, but truly it?s a gift. There is simply no other way to learn the lessons, to gain the knowledge, to develop the wisdom that through the gritty reality of life’s experience.

You can?t learn it in a book; you can?t be told it from someone else, you have to live it. AND here?s the most important part, you have to live it in a way that you are willing to learn, open to gain knowledge and wisdom.

Stop looking for shortcuts, I know it would be nice, I do agree with you on that one, but they don?t exist. Spend that mental energy paying attention and learning all you can. Every life experience can and should be a lesson for the future of how to do things better, with less pain, with more energy, with more efficiency.

Stop trying to find that pill or look for that shortcut, and put in the time.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:

There is no shortcut to experience; there is no shortcut to wisdom. Both are earned through the difficult road of perseverance, the destination of which becomes peace.

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