Snowshoeing in the mountains above Squamish valley.

The waters of real life are pretty darn murky.
It?s just never a clear path no matter how much we wish it would be. Life has a way of tossing a mess right in the middle of your best-laid plans.

All too often the de facto response is depression, ?discouragement, disillusionment, and ultimately burn out. It?s reasonable right, I mean who would blame you when things go sideways, stuff outside of your control disrupts your life in a way that creates a disaster, it sucks, no one will blame you if you give up.

Should you though??

I mean really, was there ever a plan that worked perfectly? Was there ever a company that was built with ease where everything just worked perfectly according to plan, employees without a little interoffice drama, or regulations that made sense? It just never works that way. Very few have had everything just handed to them. ?Usually, even if it appears that someone has everything in their life together perfectly, just do just a little digging you?ll find just under the surface that we all struggle just the same.

So what then? Should we just give up and drift through life wishing we had been handed a different set of circumstances? Heck no! You?ve got what you’ve got; it?s not going to change because you ?wish? things were different. It will change if you make it change, that?s it, that?s the only way.

YOU have to make the change happen.

Will you be successful? Will everything work out great? Who knows? I?m confident though that if you sit around wishing things were different or things were easy, it will NOT work out, and you will NOT succeed.

How will you know what to do, how will you know what path to take??

You won?t. That?s the scary part, but you know what, that?s also the exciting part, that?s the ?adventure? part of the adventure. You?ll have to dip your toe in, you?ll have to reach out and take a risk and make a decision based on faith. It?s scary for sure, but you know what? It?ll be just fine.

Take that next step. Go on, do it, what are you waiting for?


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:

There will always be times when the path isn’t clear. Faith will be your guide, and that’s actually just fine.

Incredible snowshoeing adventures in the mountains high above #squamishvalley

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