I have 4 kids. Wow 4, you know I can hardly believe it myself. Right now as I?m writing this they are 17, 14, 10, and 8.

Sawyer (9 year) and I work together every Tuesday morning; times like this are special but fleeting. I really appreciate the blessing, and take it seriously!

It?s a full crew when we go places, we LOVE going places too, we love both the journey AND the destination. We even #behnkeadventures to help us document our adventures together.

I think it?s very important to take advantage of these young years with these kids, they are watching, they are always watching and learning.

It?s good and bad.

They are smart, those pesky kids these days, they SEE EVERYTHING.

They know when I?m a hypocrite, they know when I?m being lazy, or cutting corners. They know when what I say is not at all lining up with what I do.

Everything they see, it?s all pouring into their open, curious and eager minds, carefully helping form what they do and don?t believe about the world around them and their place in it.

Our culture is raising a generation of lazy self centered users, drifting through life with the concerns only of their own endeavors and well being.

It?s ironic really. The culture of young people today does a heck of a lot of talking about helping others, the greater good, humanitarianism, and being good ?global citizens.? Unfortunately the talk doesn?t match the behavior. Sorry, just a fact of reality, our social media driven culture has developed the ability to take a great selfie, but not necessarily know how to contribute in an actual positive beneficial way.

It?s up to us to help them see the ?right way.? It?s up to us to set the kind of example we need to set to enable them to know how to take good risks, help others, contribute to their fellow man, but also push themselves to achieve more than they might even think they can.

It?s about investment.

It?s about investing in their education, not just math and history, but an education of examples. Examples of hard work, ingenuity, effort, and doing things others might think isn?t possible.

How will they know it?s okay to take risks, and try to do the impossible unless they see you and me doing it ourselves?

It?s our responsibility to make sure they have an opportunity to really learn that from us.

I?m know I?m focused on it, EVERY SINGLE DAY, I?m investing, working hard to show them the right things, letting them see my make mistakes, see me own them, learn from them, get up, dust off then, get right back at it kicking ass.

What about you, what kind of example are you setting, what do you show them by the way you deal with problematic situations or problematic people?

Maybe you need to change a bit for the sake of investment, remember, they are ALWAYS watching.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post: https://www.instagram.com/p/BS1AliYDJhr/?taken-by=chrisbehnke

They’re always watching.

Always observing the details, YOUR details, how you handle every problem, every success. Take that responsibility seriously.

Sawyer (9 year) and I work together every Tuesday morning; times like this are special but fleeting. I really appreciate the blessing, and take it seriously!

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