It?s merciless. It?s brutal and unforgiving. It?s a nasty advisory to be sure, but it?s predictable, always predictable, 100% of the time.

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We know what?s going to happen, we know that tomorrow morning the sun will come up and another day will start. We know that the next seven days are gonna happen regardless of what we do ?in them,? they will form a week, and then a month, and then a year. Those years are gonna add up, and become a lifetime.

It always works like this; there aren?t any surprises.?

It will happen just like this every day, every week, every month the same. The same if we accomplish a lot, or accomplish a little, or nothing at all. TIME marches on.

If we procrastinate what needs to be done today with crap that?s not important, today will pass into tomorrow just the same.

We need to stop blaming time. It?s gonna do what time does; NOTHING can change it. Time is the most powerful force that exists, but it?s the most predictable as well.

What happens in our little slice of time makes all the difference. Time shouldn?t be feared; it should be leveraged. Time shouldn?t be feared; it should be embraced.

Barring any odd, unforeseen tragedies, you?re gonna be around for a solid 80 years or longer. What you do with those 80 years makes all the difference, time will march on, and YOU get to decide how you spend it.

If you?re like me, you think about this often.

I spend part of every week evaluating how leveraging the time I?ve spent over the last week, and how I?d like to spend it over the next week. Spend a few hours every 60 days to look back at the past two months, and think about the next six months. WHAT am I doing with, and WHAT am I going to do with my time. Am I spending this resource well, do I need to adjust, what regrets do I have, what worked, what didn?t.

It?s about actually taking your time seriously. It?s about being honest with yourself. It?s about making hard choices when the rest of the world is pushing against you.

How are you ?spending? your time? Think about the last 12 months. Do you need to make some adjustments? Don?t beat yourself up, just make the adjustments, and start kicking ass. Don?t wait for the next ?thing? just do it, RIGHT NOW.

Remember, even though time is always 100% of the time, consistent, you don?t actually know how much you have. You don?t know the balance on that account, so spend it well, and baby, don?t procrastinate, on this one, you never get it back once you spend it.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:

Time has no master and no agenda. It should always be respected but never feared.

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