We don?t get all that long ya know. We really don?t.

Nothing quit like the rain pouring and sun shining, so awesome in Vancouver BC.

Just a few short years, maybe 80 or 90 if you?re fortunate, and that?s it.


Game Over.?

The race is finished, and you?re off to the great unknown.

I personally believe that your spirit will continue on forever into eternity, maybe you do too, or maybe you don?t, regardless, you still have a very VERY short time here on earth to make an impact.

For me, this is a blend of confusing emotions.?

One part of Chris wants to take it slow, spend leisurely time enjoying life, and to build relationships with friends and family. Another part of Chris has NO time for relaxing, no time for long walks, or long talks, I have a little time to make an incredible impact in the world, one shot, and I better not blow it.

The truth is both are right, and both are wrong.?

Often going slow and investing in relationships with those around may be the tipping point in creating that lasting impact? Think of every single ?world changer? They all had people in their life that poured into them. NO ONE is entirely self-made. Each of us came into the world with a pre-determined level of talent, a pre-determined degree of privilege. We each choose to spend it how we want to spend it.

You have the same number of hours in a day as Mother Teresa, William Shakespeare, Steve Jobs, and the dude that lives down the street.


That doesn?t mean that some people don?t have certain advantages over others, of course, they do, but so what, that?s not the reason you haven?t done the things you wanted to do now is it.?

Let?s be honest with ourselves for a second ok? ?

We make time for the things we make time for, we invest where we invest. I rarely meet someone doing something amazing that didn?t work their ass off to get there, fighting for it, year after year. I NEVER meet someone sitting around watching TV doing something impactful and profound.

It?s about understanding what you really want in life. Too many don?t actually take the time to think through that, they end up living life on accident, drifting from one thing to another, then one day realizes, ?Crap, I?m freaking old, I used up so much time, and I don?t even know what for.?

It?s not too late for you, it?s never too late, until one day it?s too late, but for you, it?s not.

It?s time you got yourself together, figured out what matters in your life, and started investing in it, RIGHT NOW. There is no time to spare, no time to ?think about it? just do it, and do it fast.

Time passes so quickly, make sure you?re investing well.?


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:

Time passes so quickly, make sure you’re investing well.
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