I seriously struggle with this. I mean it is FREAKING hard for me to slow down, breath deeply and think.

Ya know Central Oregon, you’re looking pretty darn fine!

?Think about what?? my subconscious says.

?This is a waste of time? I hear echoing in my brain.

?Don?t just sit on your ass, get something done!? pounds through my head like a migraine.

It?s hard, really tough to just “stop” sometimes. Life gets all up in your grill and demands your attention, demands you run not walk, demands you get up OFF the chair and do something, and do it right now!

Seriously though, when was the last time you drove without the radio, walked without headphones, sat without any distractions, without any noise. When was the last time you just ?were? without anything but your own thoughts and gently breathing to keep you company?

I have been working on this simple practice a long time, and you know what, I actually still suck at it.

This simple daily practice actually impacts so much in your life, it improves productivity, life satisfaction, and ones overall well being than the simple regular practice of quiet reflection.

No, seriously.?

Call it daily meditation if that helps you, but do it.

There are very few things as powerful as spending time, just you and your thoughts in reflection, just thinking, just breathing and thinking about everything and about nothing.

It?s much harder than it seems like it should be but soooo worth it.

It?s time you spent a little less time on Facebook, Instagram, or whatever your thing is, and just a tad more time in reflection.

Come on, let?s work on it together, and see what happens!


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:

Time spent in reflection is always well worth it.

#centraloregon has a lot of amazing places to do just that.

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