At least long lasting ‘real’ trust is. In the last several years I have seen a lot of destructive manipulation in the name of “growth.”

There are few sights as incredible as the Yosemite Valley floor in fall.

Trust must be earned. Trust must be built on a real foundation of truth and faith.

Once manipulation begins to creep in, regardless of intention or purpose, cracks will form in the foundation of trust. Cracks that become real problems, cracks that will eventually erode the foundation entirely.

I have seen so much justification of manipulation. Justification based on self-prescribed motives and frankly a lack of ethics.

Justification is a funny thing, excuses are a funny thing, if used enough we tend to believe them.

We tend to believe our own BS after a while. Sometimes it’s the BS we are telling ourselves, sometimes it’s the BS we are telling others.

Truth is not subjective. Truth is truth, and as they say, sometimes it hurts, but it’s still truth, and it’s the foundation of real lasting strong trust.

As soon as we introduce spin, the foundation of our truth begins to erode.

Make sure you don’t believe your own BS. Make sure you’re building trust on a real foundation of truth, manipulation is a deadly game of slippery slopes, a game that shouldn’t be played.

Trust is always based on truth and faith.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:

Trust is always based on truth and faith.
So often smooth talk and “right motives” are used to justify manipulation. This is sick, and will prevent long lasting success.
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