Before making this video I researched about 20 sites, medical articles and so forth. However, as you can imagine, to keep this video as shoot as possible, I wanted to limit every topic out there regarding the COVID-19 situation. I might do more videos later, but I wanted to get this out right now to try and help SLOW the panic as we flatten the curve! 🙂

Here are the websites referenced in this video: 


It’s always smart to “be prepared” (too bad the Boy Scouts are all but gone, this seems to be a forgotten teaching).

However, what’s more, important than being prepared is being smart, which necessitates finding the truth, keeping your cool, and making decisions based on wisdom, data, and reality, NOT emotion and fear.

In the last ten days, what I have seen from our media and government officials (not to mention all the complete IDIOTS on social media) is so disappointing I can find no words to describe it accurately.

The purposefully crafted messaging of fear and panic is the equivalent of yelling fire in a crowded theater. It’s deadly; it’s irresponsible, and frankly disgusting.

I’m ashamed.

I’m ashamed of the agenda-driven media propagating fear.
I’m ashamed of government agencies’ lack of appropriate response and information.
I’m ashamed of greed-driven opportunists.

And I’m ashamed of the people falling right into the foolishness of it all.

YES YES YES it’s important to take all sickness, virus, disease, or any other kind of potential threat seriously.

I’m not for a single second suggesting that proactive action, care, caution, and measures should not be taken.

But, and it’s a big big but, you do NOT evacuate a burning building by yelling fire, and you sure as hell don’t protect the health and welfare of a nation or world by reacting in the unprecedented manner we are witnessing at every level.

Get a hold of yourselves.

Take a deep breath, find some actual information from an accurate source. Question ALL data, LEARN how to actually interpret the statistical information. Understand the truth of what’s really happening, and make smart choices.

And wash your dang hands.

~ Chris

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