Morning business calls and email…. CHECK
Pre-Dawn Run through cobbled streets and ancient buildings…. CHECK

Pre-Dawn Run through cobble streets and ancient buildings…. CHECK Ready to start the day… BOOM

Ready to start the day… BOOM

My wife and I had the opportunity to spend some time traveling this past year. One of my favorite cities we visited was Rome Italy.

Something about that place; full of modern people, modern styles, yet old streets, ancient ruins, and thousands of years of history… It gives a person perspective.

I like to travel a lot, to learn about other cultures, to learn history. I like to see how the world works from the perspective of someone else with a different culture. When I travel, I always try to go for at least 1 run in that city or place. Early morning is the best, just after the sun starts to come up, when it?s mostly still dark, everything is still sleepy.

There?s something about the perspective you get.

There?s something about running through the dimly lit streets of a place like Rome, running past “history” like the Colosseum at 5:30 in the morning stimulates an entirely different kind of thinking.

The world seems so much closer. So much smaller. My personal problems of the day feel so much more appropriately small. Perspective during experiences like this are critical for my best thinking.

I write and speak a lot about perspective this is one of my best tools for finding it, learning it, embracing it.

I challenge you to do the same.

Running in foreign cities at 5 am might not be your thing, but find out what is ‘your thing.’ Find out your best way to gain a new perspective, start doing it whenever and wherever possible.

You?ll be shocked at how powerful the experience is. You?ll make better decisions, create better relationships, have better experiences.

If you?re just not sure what to do, then get up at 5 am in a new place, lace up your running shoes, put on a warm hat and hit the streets. You?ll never regret it.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:

Wake up in Rome… CHECK

Morning business calls and email…. CHECK

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