What?s amazing and unique about each one of us, is how we live.

Smith Rock State Park, in Central Oregon.

Everyone knows the reality that there is an end to everything. There is a finite amount of time each of us has, that?s it, we don?t get any more, and we don?t get a second chance.

We all KNOW this, but we also seem to work hard to not think about it. We focus all of our mental energy on the here and now, what?s happening today.

Right, live for the now?

Some companies even develop entire multi million dollar ad campaigns around this way of thinking.

“Pepsi: Live For Now” comes to mind.

Think about what that says, live for now? Are you kidding me? How short sided have we become. Excuse me Mr. Pepsi, but grow up a bit. Why not live like it matters, or enjoy the life you?ve been given, I mean, really live for now?

Why does it have to be either or? Why does our culture think the only two options are; ?live, for now, don?t think about the consequences? OR ?don?t enjoy your life now because you must only think about the future?

Both are totally 100% out of line.?

Here?s the shot of truth I think we all need.?

You ONLY get one life, you better make it count, you can NOT only think about right now at this moment, because doing so will ensure that you?re never really able to do much with your life, you might have a few good parties but if you really just ?live for now? you?ll end up homeless, or at best mediocre.

HOWEVER, you are not guaranteed another 10 min; you might drop over dead before reading the end of this article. You just do NOT know what the future holds. Heart attacks, cancer, car accidents, you name it, the world is a sketch place with no assurances.

So what then?

It?s a careful balance of enjoying the here and now, but also being wise about the future. Working hard to ensure you can do something with that life you?ve been given, but doing it in a way that doesn?t sacrifice relationships or the life you?ve got today.

For some, this means doing something that you’ve been putting off. Maybe that you need to take the trip you have always wanted to take, you might not have quite enough money to do it, but you need to just push yourself and make it happen. For others, it might mean you need to stay home from that trip you can?t afford, and work harder and save more to become financially stable.

It?s about looking honestly at your life, looking at what matters to you, WHO matters to you, making a promise to yourself to keep these priorities all in line and HOLD YOURSELF ACCOUNTABLE to that promise.

It?s probably time you sat down and wrote out what really matters, make a list of what you need to do in the next 12, 36, and 60 months. Then maybe have a hard conversation with yourself about some changes you need to make.

You only get one life, make sure you live it with the right balance.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post: https://www.instagram.com/p/BTcoN4zDoxF/?taken-by=chrisbehnke

We all share the commonality that someday we?re gonna die. What?s amazing and unique about each one of us, is how we live.

Make sure you?re living in an amazing and unique way!

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