Well shoot dang, 2018 went by fast! It?s like you blink and it?s done.

The older I get the more I realize how quickly life passes, how little time we really have, how important it is to take advantage of every single second we have here on this earth.

Something we have been doing now for several years is asking the Holy Spirit to provide a ?word? for us for the year. Honestly it?s been pretty incredible to see how these ?words? apply and affect the year. The effect has been profound to say the least.

So 2019 you get the word IGNITE.

Yep Ignite. What that might exactly mean, I?m not sure yet, but I can tell you I?m pretty dang excited to find out!

So here?s to 2019, I?m ready to Ignite this sucker.

I?m excited to see how that ties into my personal Manifesto, which is actuall pretty darn cool, you can check it out here.

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