Doubt hits you in the middle of the night; it hits you in the midst of a meeting. Doubt strikes right when you?re doing your best work, or dealing with something important.

Sometimes it hits hard, super hard, it comes like a wave of emotion rushing over your body when you are least prepared to deal with it.

Fear of failure and hopeful anticipation of success are always doing a delicate dance with each other. If you lean too far into the fear of failure you?ll be paralyzed, unable to take action, unable to see a future of success. Likewise, if you lean too far to the site of anticipation of success, you might take too many risks without realizing the potential pitfalls on either side of the trail you walk. It?s about finding balance, this goes with all of life, balance.

Balance in work vs. play.

Balance in save vs. spend.

Balance in a run vs. walk.

Balance in risk vs. reward, and balance in fear and anticipation.

Finding this balance is always challenging, always critical, and nearly impossible without a clear direction, without clear goals, a hunger and purpose that you fully believe in.

Make sure you know why you do what you do, make sure you understand the gravity of your success and failure, and when the distractions come, make sure you?re ready, make sure you?re not going to trip up and stumble when it?s most important to stay on task.

Stay focused, remain steadfast.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:

When the delicate balance of fear and anticipation threaten to disrupt your purpose, remain steadfast!

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