Life doesn?t stop, always coming at you, 150 miles an hour.

Breathe deeply and soak in the amazing life you’ve surrounded yourself with.

We are always moving, always calling, always texting, always surfing, always watching.

Our digitally enhanced, smartphone enriched, social media driven world dictates we must keep at it, we must keep moving. Running and gunning baby.

This fast paced lifestyle has it?s good points and it?s bad points of course, and regardless of whether you like it or not, it?s just a fact of today?s culture.

There are sometimes though where life seems to slow down. Brief moments that pass right before your eyes, they are gone as quickly as they start, but as they occur magic happens.

It?s as if the world slows to almost a stop.

It?s moments like these you find glimpses of joy in the unexpected? LIttle pockets of time where everything seems to make sense, seems to be perfect.

You can?t predict them, you can?t create them, but you can be ready for them, you can enjoy them, and you can find joy in them.

Look out for these snapshots of perfection, enjoy them when they occur and relish in the joy you experience.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:

When things move in slow motion.

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