Are you making the purposeful effort to clear your mind? Are you giving yourself permission to relax and let your mind wander?

Over the years I have studied innovation. What it is, how to get it, how to teach it, how to become efficient in it.

You know what I?ve discovered?

At the end of the day, you can really never train someone, or a group of someone?s how to be innovative. Sure there are tools that you can use and teach that can radically help someone with creative processes, with developing ideas and innovating, but you can?t become ?innovative.?

This is a process that happens only in the mind, and the mind needs space to do it?s best work. It needs sleep, it needs water, it needs idleness, it needs good food. Your mind is a muscle, and it needs to be cared for.

All that makes sense at the high level, but the part that virtually everyone I have ever worked with in this area forgets one of the most important things.

The mind needs the space and time to do what it does at the subconscious level. It needs time to ?think.?

I recommend walking outside with no music, or any other distractions.

I have tried a lot of things, and quite frankly there is nothing that I have found to be as effective as taking long hikes with the space and time to just think, to let the mind wander.

Our days are crazy, and we often feel like there is no time for this kind of activity, but I can tell you with years of experience there is nothing MORE effective.

You?ll make time for what you make time for. It?s just simply a matter of priorities. Trust me, you?ll get much more accomplished in less time if you inject a 1 – 2-hour walk once or twice a week.

Prove me wrong.


Chris Behnke

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Without time for the mind to wander, very little innovation can occur.

Sometimes the most productive moments are the moments with the most calm.

My incredible daughter @elyse_cinnamint on the cliffs of Smith Rock.

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