Do you take time to rest, reflect, and write?

Writing time with this angel in the warm spring sun.

In the last few years I have realized there is something pretty amazing about taking time to let my mind really drift, contemplate, and well, I guess ?think? without all the distractions from the ?busyness? of life itself.

The more time I let my brain ?think? without all distraction the more I?m able to understand and experience the world around me. The more creativity my mind has, the more cleverness I?m able to inject into my businesses, and the relationships with the people I care about.

It?s counter intuitive, but the more ?rest? and ?time? I give my mind, the more I?m able to accomplish, develop, and implement.

I have been able to write more, and better the more I implement the simple practice of rest and time to think. Time without any distractions, no email, social media, distractions, internet, or youtube cat videos.

I?ve also found the more time I spend writing with Alice the more I accomplish, and the more joy I experience while writing. Honestly her beauty ?can? be a bit of a distraction, but frankly it?s worth it! 😉

The older I get the more I realize some of the most simple things in life are the most profound. I guess that?s wisdom being developed over a lifetime of hard work, hard tries, and hard mistakes.

It takes purposeful effort, but one can learn and become softer, wiser, and more creative not less. More open, less jaded, more loving, less cold.

Find your muse, find your angle, relax a bit, take a break, let your mind wander, and see what comes from your pen. You might be surprised!


Chris Behnke

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