Mercedes (7) learning all the finer points of shooting with a DSLR!

I have four kids. They are amazing in just about every way. Ok, ok I?m biased for sure, but I feel like they might be the most amazing kids in the world. Of course, they aren?t perfect. I?m not one of those parents that think my kids are perfect, make no mistakes, and could do nothing wrong.

Here?s what I do know though. The world is small now. We are in a heated competition in a global market. The next generation is going to be faced with incredible challenges many of which will be created by industry, technology, and culture that hasn?t even been invented yet.

These kids, our kids, yours and mine, are gonna need skills to thrive that we can?t yet understand. The world is changing, the pace at which it?s changing is accelerating, technology, cultural tensions, religious differences, all brought right to the forefront, head to head with social media, global news outlets and the always going instant on cultures of today.

What are we doing to prepare them? What are we doing to empower them to thrive and be successful in the fast paced bazaar future world we?re all gonna have to call home.

I?m not sure there is anything more important than pouring into the next generation. I don?t know how else to look at it other than we all have a responsibility to teach, train, and equip today?s youth.

Whether you like it or not, they are going to be running the show soon enough, they are going to be leading the charge, the country, the world. There is no task with greater weight and future consequence than how we lead and empower the young people in our lives.

I?m not perfect by any means, but I?m purposeful about the effort I spend with my kids. I take extra time to teach them, to involve them. I invest wherever I can in teaching them to learn and how important it is to always have a posture of learning. To always grow and work hard at it.

No one has ever ?arrived? there is always more to learn, more wisdom to gain, and more work to be done.?

It?s time we worked a bit harder at NOT stifling the creativity in the next generation. ?It?s that creativity that might someday save the world.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:

Young minds are often the most open minds. Pour into their creativity & energy!
I love teaching my kids new things! Mercedes (7) is learning the finer points of digital photography with a DSLR! 😉
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