No one does everything perfectly. No one gets to the highest levels of their craft without starting at the beginning.

EVERYONE starts at the beginning.

The beginning is full of messy mistakes and wobbly balancing.

Took this at 9600′ just before the top of clouds rest, hiking with my two oldest in Yosemite. One of the most incredible places on earth.

The beginning is hard and discouraging, it?s also exciting, it?s new, and might even from time to time be fun. The beginning, is well, the beginning, and every master gets to mastery by starting right at the beginning.

There are no shortcuts; there are not quick and easy paths to success. Sometimes we look at people around us, and we feel like they all got the memo with the quick and easy guide, and we must have slept in on the morning when they passed those guides out!

There?s only one way to get where you need to go;

hard work,

Face it, the journey between here and your dreams realized is going to be long, hard, and full of unpredicted frustrating circumstances. You?ll want to give up on many occasions; you?ll feel overwhelmed, discouraged, and alone.

You might actually give up a couple of times, but if you come back, if you start again, if you push through, and keep on pursuing the path you know you need to be on, you?ll have a shot.

Most don?t have the balls to start, or the gumption to keep on going, or the wisdom to ask for help.

Most give up before they start, and if they do start, they give up when it gets hard. Brother, it gets hard early on in the journey, and it stays hard for a long time.

If you?re going to be different, if you?re going to succeed where others fail, if you?re going to be the 1% that really does do it, then you?re going to have to settle in for the long journey, you?re going to need patience, determination, and a whole freaking ton of persistence.

With that mindset, you might just have a chance.?

Not a guarantee, no no, not a guarantee, but a chance, and if you take that chance and rock it, I mean really rock it, if you push harder than everyone else, and longer, way longer you might just make it.

It’s worth it; your dreams are worth it, do it, just freaking do it.

Good luck my friend, it?s a long road, but a worthy road. It?s a long road, but an important one, and in the end, I think we?ll both be glad you took it.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:

You’re not always going to do things perfectly, but consistent purposeful effort will still put you at an advantage over just about everyone else.

Stay focused, stay consistent, stay motivated.

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